About us

On the initiative of the Stuttgart Economic Development Corporation, the state capital Stuttgart, i.con innovation GmbH and several renowned entrepreneurial personalities „Business Angels Region Stuttgart e.V.” was founded in 2003 as a network for private investors. The network of the Business Angels Region Stuttgart (BARS) provides contacts between selected innovative start-ups and private investors. Experienced business angels participate with their own private capital in the early stages of promising companies and receive company shares. We also support young knowledge-based companies with their entrepreneurial experience, their management and leadership skills and their network contacts, e.g. to customers or to other lenders. Personal attention, confidentiality and integrity are fundamental principles.

The motivation of the business angels is entrepreneurial. If an investment is successful, the business angel profits from the financial success of the company.

The investment focus of BARS is on technology-oriented, knowledge-based young companies in the following areas:

  • engineering sciences
  • biotechnology and medical technology
  • information and communication technology
  • cleantech / environment

Competent start-up teams with promising research results or innovative technologies, with a range of business opportunities, a promising market situation and a particular growth potential, can contact the Business Angels Region Stuttgart at any time.

Business Angels Region Stuttgart e.V. is also open to the membership of other entrepreneurially experienced and financially independent private investors, who want to participate with their own private capital in the early stages of promising companies and actively participate in our network. If you are interested, please contact the BARS office at any time.